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2004-09-21 02:19:36 (UTC)


It has been absolutely forever since I've typed on this
diary. I'm sorry to anyone who has possibly picked up
interest in my life. I know that it's been quite a while
indeed. I've been having a shitload of fun in jazz band
lately. I've gotten in a little bit of trouble at school for
not completing my work. But hey, who said that's my fault?
Btw, I wrote a short story for Computer Apps and a couple of
my friends said I'm like the next Stephen King, pretty kick
ass eh? You wanna read it? Tough shit, ur gonna have to wait
til I feel like retyping the 1050 word short story lol. I'll
talk to you all later, probably post again when I get back
to my house in about 30-40 min.