The weird and wonderful things...
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2004-09-20 21:26:27 (UTC)

...wrong one...?

Hiya..hows it going? Am not 2 bad..kinda confused n kinda
fucked up but apart from that its all good..:p hehe..

Well nothing much has really been happenin since the last
time i wrote in this..! Went 2 Barfly last nite and it was
hefty gud..:o) i actually really enjoyed maself..which it
has been a while since i went 2 a local gig n enjoyed that was gud..! Hoax were of course great..:p
hehe..had fun dancing about..! Zynk were gud :)..!
Crashdown were feckin amazin..soo good..n the bassist
*PHWOAR* i really wanted 2 steal him n stick him in a bag n
bring him back 2 Ek..problem was i couldnt find a bag big
enuff..:-/ *ooft*..Anywayz i really dont c what the big
deal was with Scallywag coz i didnt really like them..they
sounded pish..:-/ maybe it was jus the equipment n
stuff..who knows? lol.. What The Dead Know were also a kik
ass band..:o)! so aye..turned oot 2 be gud..

Well i jus wanna put up a wee msg 2 say Well Done to a Miss
Dodd..for gettin the job that she went for..even tho she
only handed in her CV 2day..! *claps*..very proud doll xx!

Well yeah ma entry name is kinda sure sum
ppl mite know what im talking about..omg im so fucked up..
:-/ i doubt it cud happen bt i cant stop
thinkin about it..:-/ not even in that way bt aye in THAT
way..:p lol i cant put 2 much on here incase sum ppl read
this and then decide 2 maul me..:-/ lol..*sheeeaaat*! lol..
i think thats enuff from me 2nite..:p N Lisa im 2
embarrased incase it dont happen yeh? lol

- x adios x -