down in my eyes
2004-09-20 00:12:35 (UTC)


Is the only way to possibly get a guy to care about
me, through having sex with him? For that 20 minutes,
or however long. Is that the Only way for a male to
ever care about me, even a little bit. for even a
moment at all? or will they just, no matter what,
never care who i am... =( I have a heart, too.. that
won't stop BREAKING.

All day, I was looking forward to seeing jesica,
today. Tho she's excited about this new guy she's
dating, we had planned for her to come to my place, so
we can spend some good times together. But prior to
her coming here, i decided to make my sacrifice. So
icalled 'n told her. :( &

I text her: iwas looking forward to seein u today
but i know you should, & you wanna be with him.

She text me back: i will see you thursday nite!
'n we will chill friday. luv ya!

Aww. =(