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2004-09-19 18:59:49 (UTC)

Union is on strike - long days every day

After some years working on street now I am on a gov
department. Well not a very bad place but sometimes there
is a strike. Every employee goes on it. That department
like most past ten years without an increase on payments.
Maybe next week situation ends. With major States on
strike. The loyal part of a strike is to ask for respect
from authorities and crowds. Not only about cash.
Next week. I send a vhs video old cartoon like a gift to a
Internet friend. It is near from Children day october.
Madonna day.
Good days and I am hearing Laura Pausini Cose che vivi cd
play. It is not cheap even more cheaper than on United
States country. Like ten dollar or thirty national bucks.
I discovered in my country a function earns ten times less
than. But somethings like banana fruit are cheap.
Maybe I start to exchange bananas by dollar.
Thanks by reading.