things running through my mind.
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2004-09-19 06:31:53 (UTC)

So, back in may i kinda did..

So, back in may i kinda did sumthing bad. I didnt realize
it at the time but i did. I kept it a secrect from everyone
the only ones who knew about it was the other person who i
guess told ppl. I hate that.

So of course tonight it my birthday celebration and of
course something has to go wrong. Isaiah called me at 1245
soo i knew waht it was about cuz i knew he knew about it
and he normally doesnt call me. Soo then i believe it was
jarrett called kevin and put him on private by the way he
was talkin i knew what he was telling him. I was soo hrt nd
afraid, i love kevin soooo much idk what i would do but at
the time i didnt realize what i had or what i was doin. Soo
he never brought it up tonight but he was extra nice to me.
Im afraid. God help me. soo i wonder when hell bring it up
or how many ppl hell talk too. I dont want it to become a
bit thing, i really dont i just wanna get over it its toooo
petty and it had no feelings or meaning attatched to it at
all soo its nothing, welll. Its out. Im afraid. I have the
chills and im not hungry at all my stomache is nervous.



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