Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
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2004-09-19 04:02:16 (UTC)

about john and oure sex life.

Danger chimes in my head when I see you, but I’ll still do
it because I know I’ll be hurt.
I know it will hurt.
I love it so much somehow, to show me where the pain is.
Show me how it goes, because this way I know it’s real and
it’s from you.
I can blame you and suffer till I cum.
My taste for you thrives, and it grows each time I cry
myself to sleep.
It’s so good when it’s hurting, seems like the only way
now to go.
It could hurt like this all the time and shit would make
sense, you’d hate me again and Id love every minute of it.
Because the sting is real, it’s so good this way.
I know it’s coming from you so it’s easier for me.
Understand this because I need you to feed me, and I need
Fill me up with all your bullshit because that’s not what
I make of it.
It’s my rebellion that makes me love you so much.
Love your touch,
Of your hand around my neck when we fuck.
I love stepping outside to let me recover.
Let my body tell me how stupid I was again because I’m
bruised and sore once more.

i love these lyrics