The weird and wonderful things...
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2004-09-19 00:30:13 (UTC)


Heylo all..hows it goin? Im alritey..shattered n its 1.15pm
and im still up for sum crazy reason..i fink its i jus cant
b bothered moving the stuff off ma anyhoo aye!

Weekends been pretty good so far actually! Last nite had
ppl over..well Chris and i both had ppl over n it turned
into hunners of ppl being here..well not hunners bt quite
a few n the place got quite meessy..but its all good coz it
got cleaned up n stuff like tht so aye..! Twas a kinda
crazy party with lotsa steamin/pilled emotions n
shit were kinda going crazy but yeh! ragewans a plenty..!
LoL! from me when ppl were annoyin Mr D Mullen and
his beer..goddamit..! :p lol..the only bad thing was that
Leesha wasnt able 2 make it coz of her swollen
that sucked..:(! A missed her being there but yeh..Leesha
if u read this..get well soon toots xx!

Today was quite good altho i woke up with a hangover..!
which was shite..but aye..after everyone had left i got
ready n stuff n went out with ma dad n went down the centre
coz i had to get a BIG french dictionary..:p lol..woO! He
also bought me the 'McFly - Room on the 3rd Floor' album n
im probs gonna get slagged about it hefty style but i dont
care coz its quite good..:p lol n i got Neils bday
prezzzie..! Went lookin about shops in Ek for an AC DC top
coz i thot i saw one somewhere..couldnt c we went
into town 2 record fayre coz im gettin one for the tribute
band that im going 2 "Hells Bells" shud b gud..! N
hopefully if the REAL AC DC play at Download'll b
cool for there..! Anyhoo didnt get i went 2
the t-shirt factory! WoO! n got one made up..! its gonna b
amazin coz no1 else is gonna hav it..! It says AC DC on the
front in red lettering *black top* then on the back it
says "Angus" and a big 1..! so for the ppl who dont kno
Angus..hes the lead guitarist in AC DC and a feckin say him/jimmy paige are the best guitarists in
the world..! hmm..:o)! anyhoo its gonna b snnnnaaazY! lol..
Angus is such a cool scottish word init! i think i mite
call my child it..then it'll b like "Mum..where did you get
my name from?" .. "Well yer named after a ledgenday
geetarist" lol..:p ok im crazy! time for sleep

- x adios x -

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