Yes this is my kool diary!
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2004-09-18 05:00:28 (UTC)

stupid dick wacking boyfriend.

I am sick of my boyfrined all he does is sit in front of
the coumputer and fuck his hand and looks at porn, He does
not fuck me It is crazy,I am so sick of it. how can you
think fucking your hand is better than sex? Yeah he only
looks at it while I am not at his house but still come on
damnit I am here and he is not fucking me! But if i wasnt
here he would be fucking his hand how screwd up is that. He
tried to blame it on his meds yeah right if they were
fucking with his sex drive then he would not be fucking his
hand to a coumputer screen now would he? I tried to block
his porn and he threw a fit like a damn baby saying it is
his "way of life" and I can not change his life how pathiac
is that? I know I am not bad in bed and I am not ugly I
have many guys who want to fuck me I think i should leave
this loser and go find a real man who doesnt play with
himself everyday, he calls me a nympho How can he call me
that? when we are not even fucking!!!! That is fucked up.
he also said my sex drive is to high excuse me for wanting
to get laid at least once a week instead of once a month.
He is the one with problem I have had alot of boyfriends
and none of them were like him. I never knew a man who
perfeerd porn over the real thing. I wanted to suck his
dick to get him in the mood and he called me sleazy he
sounds like a damn gay man, tell me if I am wrong but I
have never heard of a guy turning down an oral session. His
ass is in his bed sleeping I forgot to mention all he does
is eat,work and sleep all day and ofcourse fuck his hand.
Maybe he is concetied and only like to fuck him self who
knows? Ok i am finshed biching for the moment.