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2004-09-17 09:34:29 (UTC)

Back at home

My stay in the dorm was fulfilling yet many things have
been revealed in my heart and in my mind. I believe that it
was God HIMSELF who enabled me as my heart and mind
reflected on every thing that happened to me in the dorm.

It may sense horrible as I write but it is not what I want
you to acquire upon reading this entry. So please do not
even think about it :) dorm thing has stopped since I felt the need to
go out from it for a while...reasons...sorry but I dunno
how will I express it so bear with me. I was thinking of
going back say around after a year of maybe two if God-
willing I will pursue my course in Bachelor of Theology.

Nevertheless, my Bible School will go on as long as God
me to do so. So far, I indeed learned so many things
concerning the Bible and about life and ofcourse! my
relationship with Jesus Christ became more intimate and
personal :).

Oh by the way..the Field day this year was really great and
I enjoyed it very well. Thanks be to God for answering our
prayer to have good weather during those days.

And guess what? The Canary Team was champion in the
Volleyball game! Oh well.. just right... in return for the
scratches of wounds I had in my arms. Pastor Dhon said that
I was hitting 2 birds in 1 shot. While playing volleyball I
was catching fish...nah that instance was amazing! Why?
because eventhough I was really really hurt, all Im saying
was I still wanna play, dont wanna get out of the court :)
Praise God for the instant healing, my right foot was
almost broken then.

Now Im back at home (but Im in the office right now)...I
was kinda wrong when I thought leaving our home will be the
real world.. well.. not really.. coz at home, it is where
the "real world" is...Hope you're getting what I mean. If
not.. try to message me :p

Whew! I gotta go now... Cyah! God bless you always!


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