forever 17

silent wishes
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2004-09-17 04:55:59 (UTC)

because of this, my computer died 3 different times...

but its fun anyhow.

?Just Stuff...?

[ x ] Spell your first name backwards: nosyla
[ x ] The story behind your e-mail addy? back in 8th grade
my friends were basically obsessed with chinese stuff and i
was bored and at 3 am it seemed like a good idea
[ x ] Are you a lesbian?: heh, no. not hardly.
[ x ] Where do you live: georgia
[ x ] 5 things that sum you up: tall, always picks the
wrong guys, funny (looking anyway), single and hating it,
and, according to everybody else anyway - pretty
[ x ] Wallet: um...dont think i have one, but i want a
black one with bright purple something or other on it
[ x ] Hairbrush: pick a specific one of the 20, then i'll
[ x ] Toothbrush: clear and bright baby blue
[ x ] Pillow covers: 2 are purple, 1 is yellow, and 3 are
[ x ] Blanket: my 101 dalmations sheet i've had since i
could sleep in my own bed (i love that sheet) and my light
blue fleece blanket (i love that thing to death)

?WHO or WHAT? (was/is/are)

[ x ] In my mouth: i think sickness, actually. and
zataran's 60 second microwaveable rice that i added cracked
peper, cajun and chicken seasoning to
[ x ] In my head: the song "predictable" by good charlotte
[ x ] Wishing: for a good, sweet guy that wont screw me over
[ x ] After this: i think i'll stay on 'til my computer
spazes again (it fliped me off...) then i'll go to bed
[ x ] Talking to: myself
[ x ] Eating: Zataran's Ready Rice in chicken and herb
flavor with my additions
[ x ] Person you wish you could see right now: zack. or any
of my other friends
[ x ] Is next to you: my huge stero and a bowl of rice
[ x ] Something you're looking forward to in the up coming
future: talapoosa and halloween


[ x ] Do you dream at night: yep
[ x ] Do you remember your dreams: sometimes
[ x ] Describe one: no. lets jsut say it was weird and
leave it at that


[ x ] Do you like school: i love highschool, but i'll hate
it come monday and wednesday morning
[ x ] Why/why not: because band is freakin' awesome this
year and all my friends are there
[ x ] Whats your fave subject: latin. it turned into a
philosophy/theology/mythology class
[ x ] Most hated subject: algebra 2 with ms.
[ x ] Do you have a fave teacher: yep!!! mr. finck, ms.
hale, and mr. wingo are the awesome-est!!!


[ x ] Do you like your parents: i guess so, i mean, they do
feed and all
[ x ] Ever run away from home: twice, not my finest moment
[ x ] Ever thought about it: ...duh.
[ x ] Do you have any siblings: yep
[ x ] If so, do you like them or get annoyed with them: i
loves my brother, but he's gets on mynerves
sometimes 'cause he never comes around or calls and it
drives my momma up the walls
[ x ] How old are they: eh 32
[ x ] Do you feel your parents spoil you: mommy used to,
but not so much anymore. but she'll always make me feel
better when i'm to the point of digging my eyes out because
of a migraine


[ x ] Ever had sex: nah, too much of a hassle
[ x ] Do you believe that a person shouldn't have sex
before marriage: when it all boils down, its their decision
to make, based off their morals and what not. but i've seen
what that crap does to people and i know i wont be doin'
it 'til i get married.
[ x ] Believe in casual sex: NO


[ x ] Do you have a religion: I think so
[ x ] Do you practice it: i suppose so, whether its
intentional or not
[ x ] Do you believe in God: i think so
[ x ] Jesus?: see above
[ x ] Satan?: oh yea. i know a few people who are the devil
[ x ] Heaven?: heaven is where you make it, so...yea.


[ x ] Have you ever been drunk?: nope, i dont like the way
people get when they're drunk.
[ x ] Taken drugs?: nah, dont fancy killing myself
[ x ] Stolen?: no, but peoples always takin' my stuff
[ x ] Shoplifted?: No
[ x ] Tried to commit suicide?: they refused to bleed, and
i decided it took to much effort for something that wasnt
worth it
[ x ] Lied to a boyfriend or girlfriend?: no, relationships
are built on trust, and i put way too much time and energy
into them and vaule them way too much to ever try and screw
it up purposley.
[ x ] Gotten into a fight?: almost, this girl kept hanging
all over my, then, boyfriend, then one day she slapped him
and if taylor hadnt picked me up and pined my arms to my
sides, i'd have punch the little whore
[ x ] Are you more innocent or guilty? if by innocent you
mean naive and having no common sense, then guilty.
[ x ] Would you date a drug addict?: No


[ x ] Do you watch tons of tv?: THE O.C.!!!! EEEEEEEEE!!!!
and the 10 o'clock news, but i mostly listen to my stereo
[ x ] How many times have you been to the movies in the
past 6 months?: 2-3 times...i'm a shut-in
[ x ] Do you listen to the radio often?: every chance I get
[ x ] Do you read the newspaper?: depends on what's in it
[ x ] Do you read magazines?: victoria's secret catalogues
[ x ] Are you a couch potato?: sometimes, depends on what i
feel like
[ x ] Do you use the internet too much?: oh yes. it is my
link to the outside world


[ x ] Whats your fave style of music?: i can tolerate
pretty much anything except rap and country
[ x ] Do you play an instrument?: alto sax and i'm working
on violin.
[ x ] Do you sing?: i just finshed singing "predictable" a
little while ago, and i'll sing if it'll make somebody
laugh or when i'm just bored and theres no one around
[ x ] Whats your fave band: dont really have one

?Random?( this part brought to you by Misty aka Mina, the
squirrelly master)

[ x ] Why do people stare at you?: for some reason they are
enchanted by my boobs. and because i'm weird when i talk
[ x ] If you could tell me one thing, what would it be?: i
miss misty
[ x ] How do you dance?: to the music on the radio, in the
rain, but mostly whats in my head
[ x ] How many colors can you see?: i dunno...never counted
[ x ] What is your favorite bit of Misty randomness or
oddness?: all of it

so...really...i ought to have called it the quiz of
death. hmm...

forever 17