2004-09-16 14:37:58 (UTC)


I was up at 5:30 this morning and when I went to make coffee
I found a tiny frog in the kitchen sink! It startled me and
I almost dropped the coffee pot I was holding. I could hear
the faint laughing and giggling of four little boys in my
mind as I scooped him up and brought him outside. It would
be just the sort of trick they'd play on me but now, of
course, they're all grown and gone. Still, the thought made
me smile.
I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon, the second
part of the routine exam we women go through every year.
The mammogram part wasn't all that routine this year. I
hope this will be.
I've only quilted about half the Liberty Eagle quilt I have
in the frame and I've realized that I will never finish it
in time to show it in the quilt show at the beginning of
October. I've decided to bring the Liberty Eagle wall
hanging I've already finished instead. Then, of course, I
started another quilt with the idea of having it finished in
time for the quilt show. It's a photo transfer quilt titled
"My Favorite Photo of You". I'm being optimistic (or maybe
the word is "unrealistic"?) thinking I can finish it, quilt
and bind it in two weeks but if not I'll just show it at the
spring quilt show instead. After it's done I plan to start
working on the Oak Leaves and Turkey Feathers top and/or the
Spiced Pumpkin wall hanging and finish quilting Liberty Eagle.
I recently began reading a blog in which the blogger keeps a
running total of the number of rosaries she's said that
year. Every January I change what I keep track of on my
"basics" page and I may add that next year.