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2004-09-16 12:39:39 (UTC)

9.16.04 Words Can't Really Do It

I write here at 7:30 in the morning, taking time out
of my 'get ready for school' time to talk about my
emotions. But that's the thing: I've been ready for school
since 5:45. You see, I got no sleep last night, and I'm not
just saying that to follow up on how I fell in and out of
sleep: I really did not sleep last night due to several
I had perhaps the weirdest day yet with Lah, and I
still don't know how I feel about that. Like 18 emotions
yesterday...waaay too many for a guy to have, or so I hear
(that was a joke: it's good for guys to have emotions!).
Anyway, right now I find myself in a state of disbelief,
still incredibly...frustrated, among other things, from the
happenings of yesterday.
If you know me, then you know my anger never
lasts: it almost always immediately converts itself into
some other emotion. If I did something wrong, usually it
transfers into this guilt/sad kinda thing. Frankly, I
don't know if I should be angry or what....and reader, I
know you don't know at all what I'm talking about...I would
just appreciate it more if you let me vent.

I shall keep the details of yesterday disclosed, so if you
wanna know what happened or something, hit me with a
private message. There should be a "leave feedback" that and leave your message or whatever. I
don't want to leave from here right now, though. I know my
diary is the only place that is absolutely accepting of
anything I have to wont be like "OK now I'm angry
at you"...or, for that matter, have any communication with
me at all. I thank you, diary, for being such a good
friend. I think that you have a soul or something, because
the more I write in here, the more feedback I get, I feel
that you have become more...human. LoL call me crazy, but
pretty soon you're gonna grow legs and before I
turn you into frankenstein, I better start writing about
more positive things. Since I really am not in a positive
mood, I'll call this the end of this entry.

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