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2004-09-15 23:59:45 (UTC)

Dude..You're the only guy i know whos dick needs an instruction manuel..:p

Hiya..hows it going? I'm alritey..well im confused tae funk
as Leesha wud say bt apart from thats it all good..! i
shall explain laters how im confused bt its okdee..:p

Well today i went 2 Paisley Uni open day with Mr
was a good laff..tho i cant really c maself going forensic thing was quite good..altho the
scary guy kept looking at me as if i knew the answers..must
hav this sense or summit..:-/ anyhoo..twas quite good..n we
tried 2 go n get pished..well maybe not bt a wee drink in
the union bt the bar was closed and sum pishy band were
playin so we left..!

We went into town n got sum food n sat on the Buchanan
Galleries steps..then Andy n Deek came up n met us after
college n we jus headed down 2 Core Studios where they were
practising..wasnt actually plannin on stayin for the whole i enjoyed maself so i did decide 2 stay! :o)!

Came home n rushed about b4 meeting Emma 2 go get the Hoax
tickets for Sunday..shud b quite a good gig..anyhoo..went
round 2 c Mark n Ben..twas cool..n Spicer was there..anyone
who knows me knows the story he was talkin away
n stuff..then asked me 2 go 2 the courtyard for a
i didnt hav n e thing else 2 do since Malcolm dingyed i went for a drink..twas quite good..he wudnt
let me pay for nuttin so it was quite cute..:) jus a
friendly drink tho..only had 1..then left 2 gt the bus up2
Johns 2 get ma mum...

So i came online 2nite n Spicer was talking all nice n
stuff..saying he enjoyed the nite n stuff..then he asked
bout cummin 2 mine on Fri coz i fink im havin a few ppl
over .. which is cool for him 2 cum since hes a mate n
stuffs..n then he said hes stayin ovr n stuff..which is
also cool coz i fink quite a few ppl will end up kippin
over whereever they shall fall...:-/ lol..then asks if he
can sleep in ma mums bed with me..? lol so im
like..*whhhhaat*? then tell me he'd kik another guys ass if
i was with him on sat..which i wont b but omg..confusion!
then then then..asks me if i was 2 pull him?!?!?!!?? what
it going on?! im jus confused about the whole
thing..coz i know i do want to..but..then..will it end up
me gettin more hurt or wat..? jeezus christ it confuses for bed and my confusion!

- x adios x -

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