listen to my silences
2004-09-15 19:06:16 (UTC)

open lines

i had two exams today. one in accounting that took almost
the whole time for me. but i think i did fine in it.
maybe not an a but definitely a b. then the one i just
took in computers which took me exactly three minutes and
twenty-seven seconds. i'm horrible, i know. yeah i'm
pretty sure i aced it. and i didn't even really study. i
took a couple of practice tests and called it studying.
whatever works, though, right? yeah...after the test
we're supposed to work on project three. guess what. i'm
done. finished it last class. this is ridiculous. but
oh well. i can't leave till the kid next to me finishes
because he borrowed my pencil. brodie had to borrow a
pencil earlier too. good thing i'm prepared. where would
some of these people be without me? speaking of...

i bought groceries for jake last night. he bought a few
the other day, enough to last him maybe a week, and spent
forty dollars. i bought enough to last him a month and
spent sixty-five dollars and change. he was amazed. it
was hilarious. so from now on i get to buy groceries i
guess. lol. he fixed me dinner last night after i got
back from wal-mart. lasagna (my favorite) and garlic
bread and tea. yum! so i did the dishes since he fixed
dinner. we've kind of got a system i guess. which is
fine because i don't mind doing dishes and he's an awesome
cook. good thing since i usually end up doing them. i
love his new (to him) house. it's awesome.


final thought: i see, that i don't see, do they see you,
when they see me?