My Aphrodisiac
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2004-09-14 19:48:17 (UTC)

Too much to say...

Fucc. My heart hurts. Yea, I know...did it to my damn
self. Haven't heard from Charles ass...nigga ain't texted
me, called, or IMed me. Maybe it's cuz I turned off my
phone last night and appear invisible online...hmmm...But
that's cuz I didn't want to be there and he not say
anything to me. So, I appear to be invisible and
unavailable in his world...still. It hurts. I'm fuccin'
sad. I always fucc some shyt up. I think I'm too needy
emotionally. Damn, this Brandy "Say you will" BANGS!
Maybe cuz I oh so desire to be in love and that person be
in love with me. Hell yea...that's what it is. I need to
stop livin' in this "fairy tale" ass world. Cuz Lord
knows I watch Love Jones too much, and read too many love
stories. I can't help the shyt. I love the simple
possibility of love. But he don't know that shyt. So,
that's all that matters...right? No, I need to fuccin'
live in reality. I need a blunt to be truthfully honest.
Why you bullshytin'. Ha! And I said I was gonna stop when
I got here. Ain't that about a bitch?! I got one in my
purse too...nope. Not til' I take my ass to the gym and
get all my anger out while running my ass on that
tredmil. So, classes are boring as FUCC on t-th!! It be
killin' me yo. Martel, yea... I'll be calling his ass
tonite. Cuz if one niggaz trippin' gotta have somethin'
to fall back on...I think. Oh well, who gives a hell? Cuz
niggas don't give a shyt when they do what they do. But
he ain't done shyt. That's the thing. He's my boo- me dammit!! Damn, I hope I really didn't fucc
nothin' up w/ us. Cuz that boy has this voodoo that he's called being sweet. Well, I'm tired of
typin'. Until next...time that is... I'm out!!

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