u think u kno...but u have no idea
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2004-09-14 19:44:42 (UTC)

gheorghe ghita s was awesum meg..

gheorghe ghita's was awesum

meg's sis sed she could do my hair 4 the semi, i wanna c
if she can pull sumthin together 4 prom too maybee (if me
n paul r still together...which is HIGHLY likley) ew i saw
greg the other day....he NASSSTY n his new girl is to. yup
he already fucked her too. why'd i go out with him again?
o ya, i was dumb lol

aww berubie got cute over the summer! hes in my bio n lunch
(i dont mean cute like im droolin over him or nothin, dont
get the wrong idea PAUL)

i was so proud i did my hair all in twisties today and it
came out good!

8 months today!! yay!!! paul was over las night n i dont
think we're doin anyhting tonight cuz hes workin. n then
im goin to gigi's on thursday and the raced at louden with
my dad on saturday. should b a fun week!