Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2004-09-14 16:40:38 (UTC)

Day 15

There is nothing too interesting about today
We added percussion to every song
That’s all
Nothing less nothing more

The rest of my weekend was spent trying to stay away from
being sick, and singing and playing shows. Clara and I put
together a showcase / show in one day. We got a call on
Thursday at 4pm and we had the show Friday at 9pm. It went
amazing. We had 2 reps, and 200 people come out. We also
had a great location (vinyl) and 2 great bands (Lights Out
and Califonias) We ended up playing twice that night. And
we played for the last time Joe goes to France. Then
Saturday we played another showcase / show at the Hard Rock
Café’ this time we played in front of 3 reps and about 50
people. It was good though. The whole weekend went much
better than I ever could have expected. I want to thank
God, my family, friends, fans, and bandmates.
CD: Dissociatives (Daniel Johns from Silver Chair’s side
project…awesome) and Beach Boys / Smile Sessions
Movie: Old School, and Napoleon Dynamite (I think this
movie is good but way over rated)
Book: Message Bible and Kurt Cobain Diaries