My Aphrodisiac
2004-09-13 21:39:33 (UTC)

I just don't know...

I been chillin' out here. This weekend was hella crunk! My
nigga TT came out here to visit and I had to show her how
da' Ville get down! You know... ok, on another note. My
boo... I don't know anymore. Is it there or is it not? I
think that we need some time ALONE. Did I stress the
ALONE part? Yea, but I just want to be all in his space
and vice versa. I wanna have no limitations to our time
together. I think what's fuccin' me up is the fact that
he's supposed to be closer to me than he is. Shyt wasn't
supposed to go down like it did. I dunno... but did I
mention that I got some bomb ass head and D.I.? Yes... oh
yes! lol... Nah, but I don't know. Are we supposed to
have like this unbelievable kindda connection? It's like
he's the quiet type, and I'm the exact opposite of him.
But perhaps that's what I need. He's so damn sweet. His
boyz is shaddy, and that what scares me. Birds of a know the rest. But then again that don't
have nothin' to do w/ him. Right? Cuz there's things I
wouldn't do that one of my gyrls would. He seems
sincere. He told me that he'd do whatever he can to show
me that he's different from the rest. But we'll see about
that one. I just hope that his word is his bond, cuz I be
dammed if I get hurt yet again! Damn, I've wrote a lot.
Lemme holla back!

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