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2004-09-13 21:36:29 (UTC)

9.13.04 HANGIN' IN THERE!!

Wassup, reader? Not much here. No really, I'm not
saying "not much here" just to go into explicit detail
about what really happened. Seriously. Nothing much
happened today. I think that the very saying "nothing much"
is always revealing too much information about what your
day was really like. Cause when you think about
it, "nothing much" can be the end of any conversation. No
one likes uninteresting details because they are just that:
I would thus suggest that the next time you are in a
Level One conversation -"Hey, how are ya?" "What's
up?" "What's hott in the streets?" "What's hood with ya?"-
that you, instead of replying with "not much here"
or "nothin really pimp" or whatever other "nothing" cliché
sayings that you use, throw somethin interesting in
there...."can't complain!" "hangin' in there!" and always
make a crazy facial expression along with it. Cause these
nothing much conversations are just under my skin. I dont
want to talk to someone who has nothing much happening to
them. I wanna be with someone who's "HANGIN' IN THERE!"
thats just good imagery right there, the man on the edge of
the cliff, hangin on with one hand cause hes managed to
stay in there as life throws him all these
curveballs....Nothing much? Oh, what a loser, get a life1
Can't complain? Whoa this guy is so cool cause he has bad
things happening to him but he still doesnt complain. Come
on people. Let's get some EXPLOSIVE language! Explode!!

Big AL