No time for love Dr. Jones
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2004-09-13 06:42:07 (UTC)

Believe it or not, most of us, wanna know why we're here

Dang it’s been a long ass time since I’ve written in here.
What have I done since the last update???

Thing #1
Belinda and I looked after Maddy & Georgia while mum & dad
were in Sydney. I tell you what, there’s no more effective
contraceptive than looking after someone else’s sub 3 year
olds for a few days. Be a while before I have kids, I’ll
give you the hot tip.

Thing #2
Belinda and I went to Sydney for our trip. We went on the
Monorail heaps, we went to the aquarium, one a bus tour of
the city, to the Hard Rock Café for dinner, on a boat
cruise/tour of the harbour, up the Centrepoint Tower (250m
high!), squizzed some sweet as comic shops, saw The Lion
King stage show, and went on the Monorail some more. All in
all a wazza trip, but pretty tiring

Thing #3
Darryl has now left Dexion, leaving me as the only designer
here. Oh the power, the power!!!

Thing #4
Probably the uncoolest thing I’ve done for ages. A couple
of Friday’s ago, Belinda was working so I went out clubbing
by myself and ended up hooking up with this chick. I don’t
know her, and hopefully I won’t ever see her again. I have
to be perfectly honest here (mainly coz there’s no point
lying to myself in my own journal), I went out that night
looking to pick up. I was feeling bored and incredibly
lonely, so I went out to see if I still had what it takes
to pick up. Turns out I do, but only if you count
completely unattractive chicks. How depressing. I pretty
much spent the next week walking around in a continual
cycle of self pity and self loathing. I’m still not the
same, I’m not a good person, and I don’t think I like the
person I’ve become over the last few years.

Over than these things, there’s only one thing I want to
write in this entry. I’ve finally decided why it is that
I’m so frustrated by myself. I have a complete inability to
properly articulate myself. Verbally, musically and
emotionally. I have these ideas, but I’ll be fucked if I
can manage to get the into some form of communication that
anyone other than my own screwed up mind can comprehend.

Man I suck.