Gay, London and Oriental. Take A Look ;)
2004-09-13 00:08:12 (UTC)

Party! (July)

Ok at the end of June I planned three days of non stop
going out. It was fast approaching and the anticipation
was climatic.

July 2nd - Ok tonight I was going to go Popstarz. I called
my friend Leigh earlier and he said he wanted to go to Big
Gay Out. I called him earlier that day and he told me he
was going. Fair enough and he also said he was going to
I was going to meet Sikena who was going to BGO and we
were going to do the 3 days together.
I first packed my stuff, the costume that I was going to
wear to BGO and all my other things. I first met Sikena
after work at Kings Cross Station. She gave me a hug and
then got my hat out of my bag and put it on. She then took
my riding crop (yep remember that?) and started to whip
I went to her house or rather her flat in Stoke Newington.
The flat had 2 bedrooms (or as Sikena puts it 1 and a
half), a kitchen, bathroom and living room.
As soon as you walked in the first room on your right was
her mum's and her stepdad. We peered through the door and
her mum was in bed watching tv. She started to shout at
Sikena but not in a serious way, more of a nagging 'hello
you're back' kind of greeting.
As soon as we went in we had to go out once again. Her mum
wanted some booze and ask Sikena to go to the nearby
Safeways. So we went out again to the Safeways. This was
my first time around here and what I noticed was that
there were alot of Jewish people, dressed in suits and
their caps. Anyway we went in, help ourselves to the salad
bar, got her stuff then when back to hers.
Gave her mum the stuff then Sikena went back to her
bedroom leaving me with her mum.
I chatted to her for like a minute before proceeding to
Sikena's bedroom. It had one bed and I think that was it,
maybe a chair that was used to put a hairdryer. Her room
was all walled Pink and the rest of her stuff was
underneath the bed. Two boxes full of cigarettes were on
the floor and a mirror was hanging over the door.
She told me I could use her laptop and go online while she
took a bath. A man came and chatted to me for a while. He
had strong Irish accent must be around in his late
forties. Turns out this was Sikena step dad, Richard. He
was talking about Sikena, what Ireland is really like, why
he left etc. He was a bit eccentric but he wasn't crazy,
just talkative.
About 20 minutes later she came out with a towel. We went
in her bedroom and she closed the door. Her hair was damp
and she told me to towel dry it. It must have been close
to 9 by then and I heard the door ring. Pinky was going to
come with us to Popstarz. As soon as she stepped in she
gave me and Sikena a hug. I was brushing her hair and she
was just trying bits of it.
Anyway let's just skip when we went to Popstarz.
This was my second time here and nothing much has changed.
We went around for a bit and danced, mostly in the RnB
room. In the girls toilet near the Common Room, we met
loads of other people. Blonde Tom, who Sikena knew quite
well and well we vaguely knew eachother, his fag hag Cara
and John (the minger). John was wearing his sister black
jacket with silver loops and sunglasses (yes very nice
¬_¬). Tom must have gotten into six to ten fights that
night with various people, including John. They had a row
in the girls toilet and Tom retreated to a cubicle with
Sikena. While he slammed the door shut John kicked it with
his school boy looking shoes.
We also met this girl called Sarah. She was a police
officer and she hung around with us for a bit. The RnB
room was very funny that night. The music there kept
stopping and playing. Part of the set was blocked off and
we had no idea why. We then went to the pop room where we
sat and dance. Pinky and Sikena were dancing most of the
night and I had no idea why. Turns out that Sarah supplied
them with some drugs and I had no idea. The whole place
had to close around 3.30. After the Love Lounge
dissappeared so did the rest of the crowd. We left the
place soon after. Me and Pinky went and bought some
Pringles as you seriously get the munchies after clubbing.
When we left Tom, Cara and Sikena had dissappeared. There
was a club called the Sahara Nights two buildings away
from Popstarz and that would have been the most obvious
place they would have been to. I left my Pringles with the
bouncers and then we went in. The club had a very strong
Middle Eastern backdrop with arched seating and concealing
translucent curtains. They played RnB music and the crowd
inside was minimal, fifteen at most. We must have spent
like half an hour there and then we left. We said our
goodbyes to everyone, Pinky went back to hers and I went
back to Sikena's. I was really pissed off that night as a
person who I invited to Big Gay Out didn't return my
calls. That bastard Leigh. Once we were back I slept in
Sikena's and she slept in the living room. More fun
in a few hours...

July 2nd - Today was Big Gay Out, the very organised gay
pride event of this year. I have never been before and I
really had anticipations for today. Most I know said that
London Pride was shit, but this was my first time so if it
turned out bad, I would have nothing else to compare it to
and hey it was free. I woke up in Sikena's bed by a
screeching car leaving the car park below. I got up and my
necklace broke, well that's what you get if you keep it on
all night. Her parents must have left for work and I went
in to the living room where she stayed. I woke her up and
asked her can I take a bath. So I went in and brushed my
teeth while running the bath and began doing my usual. My
costume for pride was all back, red trainers, red gloves,
white tie, black hat and a riding crop. She woke up
shortly after and got her stuff together. We must have
woke up at around 10, after only sleeping for a few hours.
Once we got all stuff together we were really excited to
go. We left the flat and then to Safeways as we knew the
food and drinks were going to expensive. So we bought some
sweets, crisps and drinks. When we left we started to whip
eachother with the riding crop, oh well it was fun. On our
way there we had to meet up with my friend Emma (not Sket)
at Finsbury Park Station. While we were waiting I saw
Phillip. This must have been first time I saw him since we
fell out in January. It was funny seeing him after so
long, he looked slightly different, less shoddy and a bit
more nicer.
Still looked like he smoked too much but today was not a
day where we were going to argue, just have fun. It must
have been almost 11.30 till Emma came. She arrived looking
fine as usual and then we were off to pride. We inside the
gates and just waited till we were meant to go in. I still
had an extra ticket for Pride so I had to get rid of it
one way. I told Sikena and Emma to wait for me while me
and Phillip were off to sell this ticket. We went to a
nearby peddler who said he would buy it for £10 and I said
£15. A few minutes gone by and I said £12 over and over.
Meanwhile Phillip went off to a nearby off license to buy
some cigarettes. By the time we left the man who I said no
to follow us and offered to buy it for £12. Sold! So we
went back and to Sikena and Emma. Phillip went back with
his friends and I also saw Keith, a gay man who I met on
Faceparty. He was tall man, his late thirties. He wasn't
that bad looking just a bit a sweaty. Anyway we started
chatting about all sorts how he was etc and plus I whipped
him a few times. It was suppose to start at 12 but I guess
there were a few delays. Everyone around us were eager to
go and looked well, camp! They let us in at 1. Once we
proceeded they checked our bags and there were various
people handing freebies like soya drinks etc. The way you
bought alcoholic drinks was to buy a drink token for £3
and then hand it to the various kiosk and pick whatever
you like. The main stage was immediately to our left as
soon as we entered and they about 15 minutes later they
started to introduce the acts. There was a group of black
singers, quite young that got everything kicking. We
decided to just ignore them and look at the other places.
I heard in prior to the event there was Ford Urban Tent
that played various RnB music which included a gay rapper
called Q-Boy and we had to see him. So we had look at the
tents and they were more or less empty, but that was
because it was still early. There were various stalls
selling stuff like jewelry, herbal ecstacy, sex toys etc.
It looked like it was turning out to be a really fun day.
There was a fun fair about 20 meters east of the stalls.
We were going to go there later, one thing that caught out
eye was this huge Rodeo that was the shape of huge Purple
Cock. Anyway we returned back to the main stage and sat
and watched the acts. We saw Clea, Twen2y4Sev7n and Peter
Andre, can't remember much else. There wasn't that many
acts I could remember. Now this was the turn around.
Sikena thought it be fun to go a ride at the fun fair -
the whirl. Me and Emma had eaten some chicken chips before
so we decided why not. We went on the whirl which started
off fine, the first 3 minutes we were actually laughing.
As the ride went on me and Emma were really keeping our
mouths shut while Sikena was on some high and still
laughing. After we got off the ride I ended up lying on
the floor feeling very ill and so did Emma. I was holding
my hat the whole time I was on the ride and it really got
to me. I felt aweful. The smell of the food from the
nearby stalls almost turned my stomach and I went to the
toilet to sort myself out. I spent around 15 min in there
to get my head together. Once I went out I saw Emma
sitting on the floor with Sikena. We decided to walk
around but that proved a bit too much for me and then I
ended up on the floor again trying to stop the feeling. We
eventually went to left side of the main stage and sat and
watched some women half naked doing some sort of funny
ballet. Sikena went to the toilet tbc