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2004-09-12 21:53:06 (UTC)

9.12.04 Marginal Utility

Yesterday was Homecoming 2004...anyone who knows me
knows that if there is one thing i dont like to do, it is
to spend money. I always do the recently learned cost-
benefit analysis thing (90.3% total on first AP Econ
Test!)...i mean ive always done it, but now i know what to
call it and stuff. And lets do the math here, I paid outa
pocket for a lottt of stuff. Tickets $26, Suit, shirt, tie,
shoes $180, dinner $20, corsage $15....not to mention
some other stuff, I'm sure, that I cant remember.
Now, being as bone-cheap as I am, it's obvious that
after listing such excessively fund-demanding activites, my
cost-benefit analysis would say that the marginal cost
outweighs the marginal benefits....and the marginal utility
derived from HC was not worth the loss of funds.
This was not the case. Marginal utility went thru
the roof! i think I pretty much enjoyed every waking moment
of the night...from meeting Lah's family to dinner at
Applebees. I'm not a money spender: I spent money. I'm not
a dancer: I danced....I was able to do these things and
several more without becoming out-of-character...
Lah was looking "wow". Yeah, that's a sentence. Lah
was looking wow. I like to rate everything out of 10, and
she was like off the charts...there was not one point in
the night in which i was like "boy that was really
unsexy" was all awesome. Not to mention the "play it
by ear" system that my group had successfully pulled off. I
found a ton of things absolutely hilarious, among them
Lah's comment "I have a country four", Dan's uncomfortable
dancing, his "jumpshot" of an end of a french fry and into
shannon's barbeque sauce...the noise it makes when u
squeeze the ketchup bottle....mike presnak's
dancing.....Lah's singing and dancing...great night.
Marginal utility. If I ever had that groundhog's say thing
happen where the day kept happening to me again and again,
i might just choose that day.
Heh of course there were many more details than the
ones given in the last few paragraphs... Leave a message
here and we'll discuss the specifics