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2004-09-12 02:41:12 (UTC)

how u dooooin

dude yesterday was so much fun! ok i call kate (the G)
lol,& she comes over,& ray said go 2 eds so were walking &
i see my bro so im like yaaa he should come too!we get to
eds & it was me,kate,her sis,my bro,eds sis,ed,ray,scott,1
kid i dun rememeber,kris,ken,mike,nikole,tiff,dustin,his
friend that went & met ne who lol we got to drive in the
bak of ed dads truck & it was awsome,we get there & we see
tiff & nikole chasing after the car we jump out & then we
see kris & ken...they were awsome! after we all hung
out,went to subway..& then hung out at starbuck for a few
hours..i found that alota fun..we have a new member of the
krew,nikole welcome lol...ne who then all of a sudden we
see mike drivin were all screamin at him..he hung out for a
lil then left but hey he came bak lol..& then me & kate
went & bought our momz flowers..she bought a rose & bought
sum flowers that werent even bloomed out yet...there ugly
at the moment but not l8ter! yaaaaa lol..so we go hang out
in front of subway & jeeza pops up outa the middle of
nowhere,it was awsome..she made me call her bf & tell him
she loves him & she misses him!hes kool,hes friends w/ my
best guy friend..we saw sessy in the store..she didnt see
me at first but then i screamed & ran up 2 her & hugged her
she was surprised cuz every 1 else did it too lol..ne who
after we got a ride w/ anthony (jeezas bf) tiff had to sit
on my lap cuz no room...after that jus went home,ok now
2day i talked 2 julian,hes fine..were jus friends,nuthin
later..but hey itll be ok..ne who i g2g but have a good day

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