Nick's Journal
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2004-09-11 04:41:22 (UTC)

Don't put a cup of coffee on top of the urinal, it may fall and burn off the hairs on your testicles

usually i'm good at multi-tasking. i'm also usually known
as a peson who doesn't burn his genitalia. all this
changed yesterday when i balanced a full cup of coffee on
the urinal while i let myself hang. as i was streaming
along i saw it slip and slide, it was one of those moments
when you knew what was goign to happen but just can't stop
it. i screamed like a girl and pulled out of harm's way,
unleashing my ammonia all over the stall wall.
i can't tell if i love trains or hate them. on the one
end i harold their efficiency and emancipation from the
realm of human error. on the other i just want to
strangle the moron who devised a device that is completely
autonomous, functioning without any consideration of my
whims and problems. as the air flees my lungs, puffing
the last of my breath in a desperate dash to reach the
doors, only to see this machine pull away, i personify
it. hating me and laughing as it pulls away. yet as i
sit there all snug in my window seat i smile with
appreciative knowledge, as if the train and i were in on a
sophisticated scheme that leaves the stragglers behind on
the platform.
i love the escalators i have no doubt. i always walk them,
unless i'm riding them down. there's nothing like seeing
the faces of those slowly coming at you, staring with
vacant visage, focusing on nothing but taking in
everything. i stare at the faces that stare at me as if
we were both callous shallow entities scrutinizing each
others validity. i make a story for each life that passes
by me, with a soft clatter and excruciatingly slow time-
span. after a while i have to look away because the
overwhelmingly optimistic persona i envelope them in
dissipates as the crescent of corruption rises, eclipsing
my naive assumptions.
today i went down the escalator and at the bottom i
stopped. i turned and bolted up the direction i came adn
stopped before a street musician. he had played the most
beautiful on the most beautiful day today and i was just
thinking htat maybe hopefully, somewhere, sometiem i might
hear it again so that i may get it. then i thought, well
why don't i just buy it right now, from this guy? i've
never bought anythign from a street stranger serenading
passerbyers in a futile attempt for first, recognition,
and second, money. but there i stood before him trying to
communicate the cost of his cd and finally throwing 12
bucks (all i had) into his hat.
it may not be a beautiful, idealistic scene of love where
everythign goes right, and sure the object of my affection
was the burned cd of a street beggar, but i take my
moments of spontenaity when i can find them. thankfully
there aren't too many, as i can't seem to spell the word
hey look it's 9/11 already.