Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2004-09-10 18:49:45 (UTC)

Day 13 and 14

I guess I am behind
On day 13 we ended up doing all the keyboard, organ parts…
it was really cool to have a real keyboard player come play
and at that on a organ with a Leslie. We also used an air
organ too. After that we had to re-record the Acoustic
guitar for "It’s Over". We have to rerecord some of the
parts cause we needed to change the key to better suit my
voice. And on day 14 we did the entire drum editing and
vocals tuning and editing. So all that is left is guitars
and vocals for "It’s Over", vocals for "Shake It Up" and
all the percussion. The album is almost done. YAY!

As for my life it has been CRAZY!
So much to tell so much on my mind…
Ok well…1st I have finally seen both movies I have been
dying to see…Napoleon Dynamite and Garden State and well
they were both amazing I think Garden State might have
changed my life
I have also been changed by a CD…I found and made a Beach
Boys Smile Sessions CD and well it just blows me away. I
listen to it almost everyday.
I went with Jon Walker the other day and picked up the Gold
fish (which I won) in a Sam’s Parking lot. His
name is Conrad Fishy Fishy. He was born on my 25th
I once again have a beard.
I need to work out again…I am getting a little flabby
Oh yeah get the Message bible it is the 1st bible I have
ever been able to read, understand and apply with out too
much work.
And lastly I guess the biggest whopper is well…a major
record label has been contacting my band for the past few
weeks…they flew into town and tonight they are coming to
our rehearsal space to see us play and talk to us. And if
that wasn’t good enough we are playing another Major Label
Showcase on Saturday for about 5 other major labels. It’s
hard not to get my hopes up but honestly even though I am
content in my life and such…I wouldn’t want anything more
than to be a full time musician.
Anywho ok well since I am at work I guess I will go back to
Much love
CD: The Beach Boys / Smile Sessions and Dolour / Suburbiac
Movie: Garden State and Napoleon Dynamite
Book: The Message Bible and Kurt Cobain Journals