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2004-09-10 14:29:53 (UTC)

DIfficult Relative

Sometimes it's difficult dealing with relatives.

If you're lucky they're sensitive and have a clear
understanding of what's personal and what crosses the line.
If you're not, they don't have a clue and blunder across
your life and the lives of those you love causing enormous
pain and hard feelings.

I have an elderly female relative who occasionally brings up
topics which are distressing to others. She feels that if
she knows about something "and, after all, it is or was a
part of your life" that means it's perfectly all right for
her to bring it up in a general discussion. She doesn't
seem to understand that while, in appropriate circumstances,
someone may chose to bring up a personal topic about
themselves, there's a difference when she takes it upon
herself to bring it up. And so she does, and she blathers
on about it, totally oblivious to the pain she's causing.
We'll try to change the subject and, if that fails and it
usually does, we then try to ignore what she's said and
eventually she moves on to something or somebody else.

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