Rev. Twitch

Rev. Twitch
2004-09-10 12:28:13 (UTC)

Night of the Stone Watch

So there we were, surrounded by thirty-two of the
meanest rabbits you'll ever see. One of them was
sharpening a sickle on anotherone's teeth while the
rest just gazed upon us all red fury and hatefilled carrot
juice. One stepped, or rather hopped forward and
announced himself as Azkazarmokim. He said they
were part of a militant vegetarian outfit and had heard
about the goats. We feigned ignorance by beating our
hands upon our faces and drooling but they weren't
having any of it. A rock careened off Kristen's forhead
and I got mad...REAL MAD! I grabbed Azkazarmokim by
the ears (which really pissed him off) and I said "If
someone doesn't apologize for that, I'm going to eat
your fucking face!" That's when the rocks started falling
like hail. It took me a few minutes between blows to
realize the rabbits were not the cause of this
debris...then I lost consciousness. We awoke several
hours later (one of the rabbits had a watch) in cages,
stacked in a small room that smelled of ammonia. The
cages were filthy but obviously stainless steel. A door
opened somewhere and footsteps approached...then,
standing before me, was...a LUMBERJACK! Holy
Mother of Mohamed Ali I thought. How in the hell are
we going to get out of this one!? I only hoped the
rabbits would understand about the face eating