my life sux
2004-09-10 12:12:28 (UTC)

Still suffering w/injuries and got my medical files mailed off.

Hello Diary,
I went to the doctor the 8th because I was in such pain from
when I hit that one step fell down to the landing.
I ended up with a bruise on my spine and a lump on my back;
which the doctor said had blood in it and I would be in pain
a while.
I just have worst luck and we definitely need things fixed
in our building this happensagain I sue!
I sat through the meeting for an hour yesterday and did my
back ever start hurting me.
The site of my VNS is now hurting me more also.
It just seems to go on and on and on for me and pain.
I sent my medical records off to medical college of Georgia
IN hopes of getting in a trial with something that might
help my seizures more than the VNS.
I hope to hear from them soon after they get the reports.