taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2004-09-10 01:26:20 (UTC)

the best day if ever there was one.

don't let the rain and grey skies fool you, today was a
pretty good day, kind of. I had a job interview and i got
the job even though it was a 6 person group interview. I
kicked all of their sorry asses, did they really think
they could measure up to the standards of whickedness I
set? Apparently they did, and they were raped because of
it. Afterwards i felt bad for them and for myself for
being such a prick thinking in this manner. I quickly
grounded myself. So after the genocide, I went and "hung
out" with my GIRLFRIEND which is quite awesome even
without including detail. Then i went home and did fuck
all for the rest of the day. I'm planning to go to sleep
early and drink a mini-pear drink shortly. Be in awe of my

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