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2004-09-09 01:49:15 (UTC)

August 26, 2004 12:23 PM

Ok, there's lots to update.  I got a new car.  It's a beautiful black
1998 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg Edition.  Wolfsburg edition means it has
almost every feature you could get.  The only thing I know of that it
doesn't have is heated front seats.  I have a spot where those knobs
could have been added but it's blank.

The super cool things are that it has a 6 disk cd changer, tinted
windows, and keyless entry.  Oh, and I now have a backseat that folds
down.  So I am super happy and excited!

I miss my old car, but the new one is so much better.

I hope everyone is doing well.  I'm sorry I haven't been online much
this summer.  Between my internship and hanging out with John I haven't
had much free time.  That will change in a couple weeks when I'm done
with my internship.  Then I will be one of the millions of people
without a job.  So I'll be online a lot looking for possible jobs.

If you hear of anything in the printing or design industry let me know.
I'm thinking I might see if any binderies are looking for people to bind
things.  I hear the pay is pretty good.  It would at least give me money
to start paying my parents back for the car.

Super great news...Dave moves into his house in a couple days.  I'm so
excited for him!  I got him a bottle of the wine he likes.  Hopefully
2000 was a good year for it.  Of the three types of wine that was the
oldest they had.  I know the late 90's were a good time for wines.
Maybe I'll keep looking for an older wine to get him for another

I wonder if he is going to have Thanksgiving or Christmas at his house?
Or he could do a Halloween Party or something.  It would be cool if he
did a pool party since he'll have his pool table.  And I told him I'd
let him teach me how to play.  Maybe I can pick up Cal and have her
there with me.  I'm dying to show both her and Dave my new car.

I'm going to be a VW chick now.  I'll be like most of the girls Dave has
dated or wanted to date.  I don't know if that's a good thing or not...
In all honesty I don't think he has any deep feelings for me now.  He
probably just thinks of me as a good friend and nothing more.  That is a
good thing.

I can't wait to show Dave my car.  I told him about it and he sounded a
little happy about it.  It must be more exciting to me since it's my new
car.  He did at least want to take a look at it.  I bet he'll have some
things to comment about it.