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2004-09-09 01:46:53 (UTC)

August 6, 2004 9:42 AM

It's pouring down rain outside.  Yesterday I it was lighly raining at my
house so I wore jeans to work.  Today I wore my nice grey slacks and
it's raining.  Oh well, guess I just can't get too dirty.

My e-Mate and I are getting along great.  He has neat features like
notification when I have something on the calendar and he alarms for me
in the morning.  I really needed the alarm this morning.  My regular
alarm was set for 5:30 since I didn't change it from yesterday.  I
didn't need to get up till 6 eMate went off at 6 and woke me
up.  I might have been late otherwise.

Two bits of majorly awsome news.  The first thing is Cal got back to me
after finding out what Dave's favorite wines are.  They are Robert
Mondavi wines.  I'm guessing from the special reserve collection.  A
very cool thing is that my local Fred Meyer is supposed to have all
three that he likes.  I just need to make him have some sort of a get
together or house warming.

The other awsome thing is that John and I are going to see Dave tomorrow
morning.  Dave asked me what I was doing and we set up the plans.  I
then had to ask him if John was invited or not.  I figured Dave wouldn't
care if John came or not which ended up being right.  He said it was up
to me if John came or not.

I totally wanted John there so I could avoid having a private talk with
Dave about some stuff.  My life is going way to well right now and I
don't want to drag it down by thinking about old shit.

I'm doing an internship at EvCC and loving it.  The graphics dept. here
is really cool.  I have another 5 weeks of this and then I'm all done
with my degree.

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