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2004-09-09 01:44:53 (UTC)

August 4, 2004 11:14 AM

They say when it rains it pours.  That totally describes my week.  It
started off on a sad note with the news that my dog had not eaten
anything over the weekend.  My Dad says she drank some water, but not

So my parents were planning to leave Monday morning to go on vacation.
My Mother was going to try feeding Samantha some oatmeal to see if she
would eat anything.  Samantha did not eat it.  My Mother called me later
that day and said they were going to put her down.  She has been sick
for a while and I guess it was her time.

So I freaked inside and totally melted.  I went home that night, visited
her grave and went to dinner with my parents.  I'm still really sad, but
I'll get over it in time.  I have to come to terms with it and move on.

So that night I go to Jay's house with John and Thomas.  We hung out and
played with Jay's new kitty.  It is so cute!

John had mentioned earlier he had something for me.  So when we left he
gave it to me.  I wasn't sure what to expect but I was very plesantly
surprised.  He got me an eMate.  It's a PDA made by Apple from
1997-1998.  It looks like a laptop since it has an attached keyboard.  I
am really enjoying it.  I took it home that night and played with it
before forcing myself to go to bed.

So I was in a great mood yesterday.  Life was looking up.  Until I
headed over to John's work.  I ended up rear-ending a guy.  I pushed his
bumper down, but the front of my car is majorly hurt.  I can still
driver her, but she looks like hell and the hood is squished up so I
have trouble seeing how close I am to things.

Anyway, called the parents and they were alright with the fact that it
happened.  On Monday I'm going to have the car assessed by the insurance
company.  I'm sure they are going to tell me that it's not worth fixing.
It is a 1988 afterall...

So I'll either find a way to buy it back from them or I'll take the
money and buy another car.  The problem with that is funds aren't
rolling in.  I'm doing an un-paid internship right now and living off my
savings (and my parents).  I can only put in maybe $1000 and the blue
book price of my car is $2,600 or so.  So that makes $3,600.  That means
I can't get a car that is as new as I wanted.  I was hoping for a 1994
or newer...  *big sigh* Oh well, I guess life is still fucking shitty.