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2004-09-08 21:55:49 (UTC)

Short Notes

The weather this week has been perfect. The skies are
clear, the temperatures are moderate, there's a little bit
of a breeze and it's cool at night. There was a lovely
crescent moon in a sky full of stars when I woke early this

John is thinking of taking a few days off so we can catch up
with our autumn yard clean up and he and the boys can bring
a few truckloads of firewood from the country house to this
one. He hasn't decided exactly which few days to take yet
but it'll probably be next week or the week after.

I spent part of the morning making routine doctor and
dentist appointments. It's time to get all of that out of
the way for the year. I suspect we won't be getting our
flu shots until November though. There's isn't a shortage,
according to news accounts, but a problem which is going to
result in a delay.

John's Dad is home and seems to be doing well. I was very
glad to hear that.

There was a postcard in the mail today from the UMC in
Junction City reminding me that if I want to enter quilts in
their quilt show I need to get them in by September 30th. I
have a lot of quilting left to do on the Liberty Quilt plus,
of course, the binding so if I want to bring that quilt I'd
better get busy!

There was a sad photo on the front page of this morning's
newspaper of a very young widow being handed a folded flag
at her husband's funeral. The twist was that it was being
handed to her by her husband's father, who is also
serving in the military.

I noted this recently. How different my life would have
been if it had been followed!

"When a man is newly married, he shall not go out with the
army or be charged with any related duty. He shall be free
at home one year, to be happy with the wife whom he has
Deuteronomy 24:5

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