My Aphrodisiac
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2004-09-08 21:07:17 (UTC)

Homesick...ain't this about a...

So, what the fucc? I'm not supposed to be missing home!
Perhaps I don't miss home exactly...I miss my peoples. My dawgs. These hoes out here be mean...not mean,
just not friendly. How is one to differenciate that? I
finally met my boo!! I know, you wanna know what it was
like, huh? He was everything I expected him to be. Damn,
it still feels like a dream to me. I finally got to kiss
the lips I've longed to do so for 9 damn months! Man,
that's my boo right there. I feel like being
poetic as of now? Nah...maybe later. Well, pimps, players,
hoes, and hustlas... I'll holla!

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