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2004-09-08 20:31:23 (UTC)

school is just the beginnin

school was so borin ar, no fd in any of my classes.......

although i hv 2 senior privileges which means free periods,
i don feel happy or excited.
1st, no car
2nd, no fd was free
3d, nowhere to go

chemistry, i m the only 1 is senior, the teacher was a very
very old man and look so wierd

pre-cal, not so bad, just forget wht i just learned last yr

gym, no fd, try to change to the other period w/ my fds

cooking, no fd, only few junior and senior, so much damn
rules:no long nail, no nail polish, hv to tie up hair, no
bracelet, rings, such things, hv to go to class as soon as
possible, then put down purse and bingder or folder, then
wash hands and well prepared and wait for the teacher, hv
to wash everything, especailly hv to use the washin machine
to wash the whole calss stuffs, no late pass also, suck....

eng 101 (college eng), no fd, only about 10 ppl, all
writing in class, cannot not bring it home and do it. the
teacher was my study hall teacher last yr, she forgot that
i m the one w/ other 2 fds always ask to go to library, she
said i get in trouble-which means i cut study hall b/c she
forget to mark me present

graphic art, no fd, 2 much ppl in the class, it's fully
pack, a little borin, but feel will be fun cuz can make own
t-shirt and such things.

health and economic the 2nd semester, suck........y i can't
take it now, i don want that much senior privilege; czu
next yr i hv lots of hard exam, such as pre-cal and eng
101, also, chem regents. how the hell i hv time to study
eco and health both 2gether....................ah........

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