u think u kno...but u have no idea
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2004-09-08 20:04:32 (UTC)

gheorghe ghita

im goin to ghorghe ghita gymnastics tomorro 4 my
cheerleading tumbeling class.....try sayin that 3 times
fast lol ya but a woman who works with my mom studied
under gheorghe for a long time 5 years ago, hes a russian
olypic medalist in gymnasticsd, and i guess hes wiked
serious about stuff, and she was like "it'll take longer
to get your roundoff-backhandspring there than at cheergym
and other places because hes really picky" and apparently
hes really blunt and gives alof of criticism, he'll come
right out and tell you you're too fat....ya im petrified
of that part. but i guess id rather get the criticism and
know what im really doin right and wrong then go to
cheergym and b unsure of myself. i hope he does call me
fat, maybee it'll motivate me to get up n go to the gym
more and eat less lol i guess we'll have to see.