listen to my silences
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2004-09-08 19:35:04 (UTC)

a modest proposal

so i finished my accounting homework last night at three
forty six in the morning. i got four hours of sleep.
that's it. granted, it was partly my fault that i was up
that late. i could have been in bed between one thirty
and two o clock instead of four. which is still
ridiculous for having done homework all day. then i get
to class today and find out it's not due until monday.
lovely. oh well it works out because this way i don't
have homework this weekend in accounting other than the
wall street journal stuff. not a problem. had my first
exam of this semester today. it was a breeze. hopefully
they'll all be like that, though that's not being very
realistic is it?

i dressed punk rocker today. my huge black pants with the
strings on them that are oh so comfortable. jake hates
them, which is why i wore them. don't freak out, we're
okay. i'm just frustrated and this is how i let him
know. they are really comfortable though. i've felt like
going to sleep all day. course that could be from lack of

brodie and i had mc donald's again. i got the same thing
as always: plain hamburger, six piece chicken nuggets,
small fry, and a small water. but he and i splurged today
and each got an apple pie. fifty cents each. big
spenders woo hoo!

i wrote a very interesting analogy last night...which i
left on my coffee table this morning. ahh well. another
time i suppose.

jonathon stopped by last night and we talked forever. it
was nice. he was in the neighborhood and just somehow
knew i needed to talk. as always. lol. but he needed to
talk too i know so it was good. we're supposed to have
lunch on friday after i get fitted for a dress and pay my
insurance, two things i absolutely cannot forget to do.

i am so exhausted. i think after work i'll just go home
and sleep.

it's not like you have the time for me to do anything

final thought: in light of being optimistic, reality sux.