My Gay Misadventures
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2004-09-08 19:12:53 (UTC)

Buddah Beads

I seriously think something or someone upstaires is tryin to
tose me a few hints or sumffin. Get this. Today started out
very routine. I slept till 2:30ish...Went to mcdonalds to
eat my 2 plain double cheeseburgers for lunch, Took a shower
at 3, Got dressed for work, then took off. Blah blah same o'
same o'...Only, After work, I got off early. (Around 8:30)
As i was walking home, I dodged traffic as usual, cept for
this one car, it was a good 50feet away when i crossed the
street and was on the grass, when it turns away from the
road, drives ON the grass, and is headed 60mph right at
me!!!! My killer instincts kicked in...On one hand, I
thought to wait till it was 10feet before jumping, so i
could see which way the would swerve. On the other, wait
10feet in case they ARE tryin to kill me, and wont have time
to swerve. I didnt move though. At 10feet, she swerved back
on the road...barely missing me. I didnt even feel the gust
of wind the car should have made. So now i wonder...was it
some dumb bitch who cant drive, or was she someone who was
very sure on what she was doing...I would have kept on my
way if it wasnt for some bystander, also a customer of mine,
who was also near me at the time. He babbled (which he does)
some incoherent words, words i picked up as "I saw it man,
she nearly killed you, dont scare me like that" Its then i
panicked, and got scared...Anyway, it gets better. I finally
get home, strip out of my uniform and hope online. I get
this offline message from Hesse...My ex. telling me to call
him. this is byfar out of the blue and weird, so i get
offline, and try to call him. Only the phone is dead...DEAD!
After a few futile attempts to yell at back to working
order, I hear what sounds like a gunshot out my window. I
head over, and see a car slowly driving off. Whats the next
thing I do? I grab a fuckin butcher knife and turn the
lights off. --- Crazy shit no? Anyway, nothing else happend
after that. Just when the phone came back on, I called
Hesse, In fact, Hes on his way over right now...I havent
seen him in maybe...goin on a year...Wonder what hes up to...