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2004-09-07 23:21:59 (UTC)

Morning always comes too soon..:-/

Heylo ppl..hows it goin? Im alritey..kinda tired..n kinda
pissed off at ppl feckin freshyin ma fonecalls..*ragewan*!
but ach must b summit in the water coz most of
the gurlies i kno are all raging at guys atm..:-/ fuckin
bunch of pricks! anyhoo!

Aint really got much 2 write about but aye..! Was oot on
the bike 2nite n twas fuckin amazin! :o)! seriously it was
soo good..! i loooved it! hehe..its such a unique it dnt feel like anything else i can even
describe..anyhoo...:o) Went 2 c ma dad for a bit as u can
probs tell..:p was alritey..jus chilled about down there n
didnt do much! :o)

Tonight..came home and watched Ny-Lon..its soo good..! Am
lovin it...tho the only thing that pisses me off about it
is..Edie..shes dead pretty she nevr does anything
with her hair..:-| its jus the same all the time n half the
time it dont even look brushed..! get yer hair sorted gurl!
lol..Michaels gorgeous tho..apart from the chest hair..:-|
*gutttted*! Lukes pretty scccheeexxxii too..but hes a
prick..:p there..p

Well i fink tats all i really hav 2 talk about atm..well i
suppose theres lots more i cud put..but im kinda sleepy..n
headin 2 i shall leave it for the moment..! :p

i'd like to be famous! :p

- x adios x -