listen to my silences
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2004-09-07 22:05:18 (UTC)

super-good feeling, about today, got a new attitude and it's never gonna go away...

i've been doing accounting homework all day, and i'm still
not done. i still have about two hours of it left. blah.
oh well.

the past two days were absolutely wonderful. jake and i
were supposed to go camping with a bunch of his friends at
deam's lake on sunday night for labor day. but everyone
decided they were too tired so they weren't going to stay
and then we found out it was supposed to rain. so we just
stayed at his house and spent all day together. saturday
night we ended up going bowling with everyone. jessica
asked me to be a bridesmaid since tiff can't do it. i'm
very excited. i didn't think i could afford it but she and
ely said i don't have to pay for the dress all at once. so
i'll be able to afford it. yay! we all had a good time
bowling and then afterwards jessica and ely came out to
jake's and the four of us played cards. it was fun. after
they left jake and i watched how to lose a guy in ten
days. it's a very cute movie. i don't know if he liked it
or not, because it's a chick flick, but i did. of course.
lol. i stayed the night there and we slept in late. it
was wonderful. he fixed me an awesome breakfast the next
morning and then he and shawn and i went over to his house
so they could finish the roof. he moves in on saturday.
finally! shawn left when they finished and jake and i
watched starsky and hutch with his mom. then we went out
to ely's for a labor day cookout. nick and jake played
guitar and they taught me how to play a little. jake said
he'd teach me more if i wanted. i just learned chords, no
songs yet. then we all went out to jake's and played cards
again. ely and nick were closest in points most of the
game, then i came out of nowhere and almost won. ely only
beat me by one point. it was so much fun. after cards
nick and ely went home and jake and i watched tv (our
nightly ritual). he fell asleep and i left after the show
was over, as usual. it was wonderful. today he called
just to talk for a little before he left the office to go
do a job. all these little things he does just mean so
much to me. he wants me to move in with him. it's not
that i don't want to, it's just that i don't think it's
right. if we weren't dating, just friends, i'd have no
problem with it. but we are dating and i don't want to be
in or put him in a situation we'll both regret later. i
love him too much to do that.

okay i've got so much homework left to do. i can't stay on
here anymore.

final thought: there are bigger things going on here than
me or you