Talking about Whatever
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2004-09-07 21:15:50 (UTC)

Haven't written for a while

Music: String Cheese Incident- Wake Up, Stand Up
Weight: 118

Hey! I haven't written for a while. I got a new job, which
I actually like. It's a factory job. Not too bad, there
are a couple of good-looking guys to flirt with and it's
pretty easy work. Plus, it's physical work. Which is nice,
let's me burn a few calories since the treadmill broke.
Speaking of burning calories...I'm down to 117.5 lbs.
That's the lowest I've gotten. I have a goal of 115 set
for like 13 days away. I'm pretty sure I can do it. I've
been staying under 650 calories a day for the past week. I
love feeling hungry. Plus I got some new diet pills that
are incredible. They take away the cravings and I can tell
I have more energy. I know when they kick in because I all
of a sudden feel like I could jump out of my skin and
start dancing really hard. lol. I'm nuts. Anyway I just
thought I'd update you on what's going on. Later!

Oh, one more thing. Remember the guy from camp? Well,
we've been writing and I just wanted to let you know, he's
not gay. lol. He keeps saying how much he wants to come
hang with me.