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2004-09-07 12:22:52 (UTC)

Think before you ask

I'm a the computer lab at school.. I've had 3 double
lectures today, and they've been ok. I don't know, somehow
I've understood everything this past week. *lol*
Normally there are things we don't understand during the
lectures, but lately I've felt that I've understood
everything. My fellow students complain and say that it's
going too fast and they don't understand, but I don't feel

I'm used to being one of the smartest students in my class,
but here at uni everything is more difficult. And I hope no
one thinks I'm stuck up or something for saying that I'm
one of the smartest, but it's just a fact that some people
get school-stuff easily and some don't. And tho I have a
couple of bad grades, school has always been easy to me.
And I attend the Norwegian University of Science and
Technology, which is probably the best uni in our country.
And when you attend a uni of science and technology, I
think it's ok to expect a certain degree of understanding
of maths and science in general. Some people, like my
friend Kristin, have problem with simple equations and even
simple fractions! And I think it's totally ok not to be a
math-person, but then do not attend the uni of science and
technology, damnit!!

About my friend Kristin.. it's sometimes annoying that she
doesn't understand things, but at least she doesn't keep
asking the professors about stupid things during the
lectures. I think asking is a good thing, but today I got
really annoyed in our process technology class. We learned
about real gasses and how to find the z factor and such. It
wasn't very hard, but at this uni i've gotten used to
learning something fairly easy for 30 minutes of the
lecture and then something extreamly difficult for the last
15 minutes. So I get annoyed when someone keeps asking
about stupid things, which means cutting down on the time
for the difficult stuff that we actually get on our exam.
Today he had made some calculations and just skipped the
details and wrote the answere. The point wasn't the
technicalities of the calculations, it was how to interpret
the answer. I saw the calculations and at first I
thought "hm.. how did he get that from the first equation?"
And it's not like I'm the smartest person alive, but after
10 seconds of thinking I realized what he had done. After
like 5 minutes this girl raises her hand and asks how he
got the answer from the first equation. And the professor
says that that's not really important, and keeps talking.
And the girl asks: "but shouldn't there be a minus sign?"
If you know some mathematics, which you should do at our
point, having had 4 courses of math on univeristy level,
you should be easily able to see that -a(b-c) = a(c-b).
I sighed, seing that the time was almost out and we hadn't
talked about the difficult stuff for more than 2 minutes.
The girl infront of me turned around and was like oh my god
why are you sighing for? F*** off.
And the professor got a bit confused, it was some time ago
since he did the calculations. And several of the students
started saying that there should be a minus sign. I got so
annoyed, cause that wasn't the point, and either way, the
calculations were correct! So finally some girl raised her
voice and said "NO, there should NOT be a minus sign!!",
and I was like thank you!!
Like I said, it's ok to ask.. but please think before you
ask! Don't waste our time with high school calculations and
details! Ahh!
Oh well :P

I should be getting home, I'm making chili nachos for Ben
and me tonight :) MMMM:)

I've ordered ADSL for our apartment now, I can't wait to
get online again.. I'm addicted to newspapers and and the fact that you can find just EVERYTHING
on the net :P

I've seriously written a lot today.. 2 entries!
making up for being lazy on my writing lately.


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