my so called life
2004-09-07 12:20:28 (UTC)

14 again

So Friday Linda and Kristin threw a little party just for
the four of us. Kirsty and I got so incredibly drunk.. I
had a bottle of wine, which normally is good amount of
alcohol for me, but Linda bought a bottle of Hot'n sweet
when they were in Italy. I can't handle booze, I get
terribly wasted and become sick the next day. Kirsty went
of on the wrong station (Linda and Kristin just moved, we'd
never been there before), and didn't arrive until 10:30 pm.
When she arrived I was almost finished with my bottle of
wine, and every one was relaxed. Kirsty pretty much drank
her whole bottle of wine in an hour. I used like 3 hours on
mine, so she obviously got quite drunk. Then Linda wanted
us all to have a shot of Hot'n sweet. Normally I wouldn't
have, knowing how I react to spirits, but the winebottle in
my system tricked me, and we had two shots each when my
bottle of wine was empty (so was Kirsty's..). Then Linda
made me a drink and Kirsty stole us a nother shot when
Linda was on the toilet. Ai ai.. stupid girls.

At first everything was hilarious, and even tho I wasn't
quite as waisted as Kirsty, we don't remember much from the
ride to town. I remember Kirsty arguing with the driver of
the taxi ("My dad is a surgeon, so he knows..." "oh, I
can't find the hole to stick my seat belt in..
*giggeling*"). I'm glad I didn't know the driver :D

We arrived at the club, and it's a wonder that Kirsty got
in as drunk as she was.. I went at the back, and when I
showed the guy at the entrance my id, he said "you have to
be 21 to get in here today". I know that's normal in USA,
but in Norway the age limit for drinking spirits is 20, so
there's really no point in setting the age limit to 21!
Some clubs set it to 23 because they want an older
clientele, and that I can understand, but 21! That was just
stupid! All my friends had gone in, since they are all 21
or 22. And wasted as I was, I just looked at the guy and
said "so you won't let me in? But all my friends went in!"
And he said something about fake id, which was crap since
they were all old enough. If you read my very first entry
in this diary, it says : "But all my friends are turning
18, and it's really no fun being 17 when it's saturday.. "
In Norway you have to be 18 to drink beer and wine and
such, and 20 to drink spirits. And my birthday is in
December, so I had the nagging with not coming into clubs
that my friends went to at both 17 and 19. I thought I was
finished with that crap now that I've turned 20! 23 won't
be a problem I think, but who knows. So that pissed me off.
Well, I can't explain it, since we're not supposed to blame
the alcohol, but I started bawling and running towards
home :D Linda, Kristin and Kirsty started running after me,
but since Kirsty was even more drunk than me, she run the
wrong way and Linda & Kristin had to catch her before se
ran infront of a car or something :D
So I just ran as fast as I could and they started calling
my cell. I tried writing them a text saying that I just
wanted to go home, but they kept disturbing my writing with
their calls. I didn't think of just picking up the phone
and talking with them instead, but I did after a while.
They were like come back, we'll go somewhere else, but I
was crying my eyes out and just wanted to go home. It's a
good thing I moved, cause if I was to run where I used to
live last year, it would have taken me an hour:D
So the very drunk Kirsty phoned Ben who was home in our bed
sleeping and told him I'd gone mad and was running around
in town trying to get home :D Of course he got worried, and
called me. I was still crying, and he said he'd come meet

The crazy thing is that I don't know why I was crying. I
got upset with the bouncer-guy because he wouldn't let me
in, but there's no reason for crying your eyes out over
that! I've never been the type of girl that gets really
emotional when I drink, I've never started crying without a
reason. I always look down on those sloppy girls and tell
them to get a grip. And now I'm one of them :O :D
Well, Ben finally found me and I threw my arms around his
neck and sobbed uncontrollably. He hates seeing me cry, and
all he could get out of me was that I didn't get in, and
Kirsty did, and since I was 20 the club wouldn't get in
truble for letting me in like they would if I was under 20,
so it had to mean I wasn't pretty enough! :D It's normal
that clubs with the age limit 23 let pretty girls in even
if they're not 23, as long as they're over 20. If they
serve spirits and have peolpe under 20 inside, they can
loose their licence to sell spirits. But 23 is no such
limit. Ben says he's never seen anyone as sad as I was, and
he didn't believe it was just because I didn't get in, so
he thought something had happened. But nothing had, so I
couldn't tell him what was wrong :D

Well, he got me home and I started throwing up. I don't
remember much, but according to Ben I've been quite mean to
him, telling him to shut up and go to bed, and not letting
him touch me and such. I feel bad about it, but I can't
remember it :D
I use birth control pills, and I took one before going to
bed ( I always seem to remember), but threw up again not
long after. The next morning Ben told me to take a nother
pill since I had thrown up. The instructions say that it
shouldn't be more than 36 hours between to pills. And since
I took one Thursday around midnight, it would be ok to take
my pill at 9 am Friday. The instructions also say that if
you throw up after taking the pill, it might not work. So
Ben thought it would be best if I took another one, and in
the state I was, I agreed. I've heard about friends getting
sick when taking more than one pill in a short period of
time, but I thought that I had thrown up my pill.
So I took another one, but threw up again shortly after
(oh, sweet hangover..). I didn't dare taking another pill,
and figured I'd probably absorbed some of each pill, so it
would be ok. I know the instructions are much stricter than
actual life, since they have to protect themselves from
lawsuits or what ever. So I was hungover most of Saturday,
but felt better in the evening. I went with Kristin and
Linda to Kirsty's place to watch the soccer match between
Norway and Italy. I wore my Italy jacket, and thought I was
quite funny since everyone knows I support Norway over
Italy. Ben didn't think it was funny :D Norway lost 2-1.
Well, I felt much better after getting some air and thought
I'd be ok. But the next day I felt really bad again, and
I've felt ill since (today's Tuesday!). I'm better, but my
stomach is still upset and I feel listless and nauseaous.
So I probably absorbed a lot more of my pills than I
thought, and it made me sick. Or I've just got the flue. I
don't know, I just pray to god I'm not pregnant :O That
would be like the worst thing that could happen right now.
No, that's not true, but it would be really inconvenient.
Ben and I have just moved together and everything is so
great. I've got 2 and a half year left of my university
degree, and I haven't got time for a baby right now. I'm
not mature enough for it, I'm not ready.. I know I would
probably manage, and I think Ben and I are meant to be, but
when I have a baby, I want it to be something we both
really want. I want it to be the best thing that could
happen, I don't want it to be something that we wished
didn't happen right now. Oh well, I'm probably not
pregnant, I know tons of girls that forget their pills and
sleep around and never get pregnant. And as Ben keeps
pointing out, I didn't forget my pill.

Oh well.. I'm at school and should do some work. Maybe I'll
write more in my free period.