My usually fucked up life...
2004-09-07 07:08:34 (UTC)


I know it has been since My grandmother's death that I wrote
here but I thought I'd post a entry just saying that things
are better. I actually have been in a good mood at least for
the most part for a while and things are not so hectic
around here. I'm supposed to get a call back any day now
about a possible job and I really hope that I get it. I
still haven't heard from the doctor about My back yet. It
has been almost a month. If I haven't mentioned it before, I
found recently that I have brain fluid pocketed in part of
My spinal cord which with the disability I have it should
not be there in the first place. I'll live though and
hopefully it'll get fixed soon. Melanie is back in school so
in May or June probably of 2005, she and I should finally be
together for real. I can't wait. I am hoping that things
stay as good and I stay as happy forever as I am now but
obviously I can't hold My breath as no one knows what the
future holds. Well, I really don't have any thing to say
except wish Me luck on the job chance. Goodbye for now. I'll
try to write more later.

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