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2004-09-07 00:25:19 (UTC)

9.6.04 The Rest of the Day

I was feeling mellow/sleepy as I wrote a couple hours
ago. Since then, things have in way brightened up for me.
Antron Brooks from TF South and I headed over to see
Shannon McNair aka Shorty, and we kicked it for what seemed
like forever, with literally nothing to talk about. In
retrospect, I do not remember a single word that was said.
I do, however remember a basketball and several funny faces
and them taking my cell phone. Other than that, nothing
important at all happened.
After that, Sir Brooks and I drove by me-lady's
house just to have her look out the window and laugh. Heh.
A waste of gas? Hardly, it was like 4 blocks and Tron and I
were having fuun anyway, so, whatever.
That pretty much concluded the last couple hours. I'm
just now getting in. It's weird cause I am half expcting my
brother to come home lol, but then he left for Ann Arbor.
Just me here, fam. HIt me with a message.