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2004-09-06 22:11:53 (UTC)

9.6.04 Mellow/Sleepy!

Long day with Evan G., Chris H, and Dan S. We hit up
the mall...not just one of the two malls in our general
area, but both of them, Lincoln AND River Oaks. A lot of
pointless driving on Chris' part, if you ask me. But he
really did not seem to mind, I dont know. Not many
interesting things happened, at least not that I can
remember. There were, of course, funny jokes and
observations made by all four of us...
We looked at Homecoming outfits mainly, and I have
kind of determined what I'm gonna wear: all black suit with
a white tie. Big change from earlier, when I was sure I was
gonna do the button-up with slacks. Well, things change, I
guess. Frankly I am just exhausted of looking at the
inside of the place we got the suits at, and the suit
salesman who had really messed up braids/dreadlocks. Ugh. I
dont think I ever want to step foot in there again, but I
will anyway when I go to actually buy the suit on thursday
(late, huh?)
So I guess that's the deal as far as homecoming. Our
plans? Well Akilah's pickin me up where I go to take pics
at her house then go to the dance and meet dan chris steph
and michelle, then after dancing we go head off to
Applebee's where we eat, and depending on Akilah and I's
curfew, we may do somethin else after that, but even I (who
is sometimes an optimist if viewed in optimistic light) am
skeptical of the after dinner activity. SOo that'll be HC
2004. Hope to see you there.