2004-09-06 18:11:58 (UTC)

Cookbooks and An Anniversary

A local radio station that plays oldies from the '60s has a
feature on week-day mornings called "the impossible
question". One a couple of weeks ago was "what does the
average person have fifteen of in their house but rarely
uses" and the correct answer was cookbooks. I'm sure I have
at least fifteen but I only use a few regularly. One is the
French Chef's Cookbook by Julia Child and another is Joy of
Cooking. But my two favorite cookbooks are by Jane Watson
Hopping--Pionner Lady's Country Kitchen and Pioneer Lady's
Country Christmas. She has others as well ( Country
Mother's Cookbook, Lazy Days of Summer Cookbook, Hearty
Winter Cookbook and Many Blessings Cookbook) which I also
have but I like the recipes in the first two the best.

Summer isn't over yet. The skies are clear and the
temperatures will be in the 80's by the afternoon but I'm
thinking autumn and to me autumn means pumpkins and apples.
I was going to begin putting up the autumn decorations a
few days ago but I didn't and I'll probably wait until
tomorrow to do it. First, of course, I need to find them.
But today I'll bake a pumpkin pie. Later, I'll make
applesauce and put some aside to make an applesauce cake and
to eat with pork chops later this week.

When all four boys were home and teenagers I'd roast two
chickens if I wanted leftovers; one chicken would be eaten
to the bones. Now with only two of us home I still make
roast chicken with all the fixings but I've learned how to
best use the leftovers. I make extra gravy so I can make
chicken pot pie. I sometimes save some of the cooked
chicken to make chicken salad sandwiches for John's lunchbox
and always I make stock from the bones for soup. Nothing
gets wasted.
I began this diary three years ago today.