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2004-09-06 16:50:34 (UTC)

9.6.04 The Final Blocksmasha Meeting

I ask myself in this special entry right now what I
mean by "Final". I don't know, I guess we will all probably
see eachother again, but this is the last time before the
major college alterations will take effect.
The night was fun as the Five Original Blocksmashas
did it Big for a sophisticated night of Blocksmashin'. If
you don't know, the five are:
"Big AL" Alix Coupet
"Cyph" Chris Watkins
"Tha Rod" Sherod Haynes
"ERoc" Edouard Coupet
"P Squared" Peter Pope

A simple night of the usual Blocksmasha themes it was.
That means a roundtable and flowing to cell phone beats
were of course involved. We discussed a vast array of
topics, from juke-a-thons, to white people, to girlfriends,
to throwing symbols up when you're with your girl, to all
lookin at the moon and throwin the BlockSmasha logo up
simlutaneously. haha Those are the guys man. They've all
made my life over the last year or so significantly more
enjoyable. Big Things as they all head off to do Bigger
Things, and me at the end of this school year...
But yeah lol we did a couple of OC things. At one
point we all huddled into the middle of the street like a
football team and waited for a car to come by, and we then
proceeded to rock left to right in the huddle while
chanting the ever-amplifying "BLOCKSMASHAS" the
car just had to sit there and wait for us to get done
huddling and chanting. Hilarious.
The sad thing is I wont see most of us five again for a
while, ya know? At least till Thanksgiving. It wont be the
same without them. I proceeded then to hug them all and
tell them I loved them. No tears were shed, but we all know
we will miss being in eachother's company.
I wont see them all together until at least November
something, when they come back for Thanksgiving. Till then,
I ask them all to hold it down and know that I will do the
same. BlockSmasha fa Life, man! Doin' Big Things till

Big AL tha Blocksmasha