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2004-09-06 16:30:18 (UTC)

9.6.04 Man, I Dunno

I kind of find myself in a rather pessimistic mood right
now. I dunno, man, just thinkin about how everything in
life can just go wrong in seconds. And frankly, I mean, I
guess I am supposed to be expecting the worst.
So I guess my question for today is: how long does
optimism last? I mean, is the answer supposed to
be 'always'? Am I supposed to always be content? I kind of
think that's impossible, in almost all aspects. As humans,
we KNOW we are too far from perfect to always be satisfied
with ourselves, our adventures, and our relationships. I
know I am. There are certain things in which I just don't
trust myself to succeed at, and it bothers me.
i guess that a lot of what I feel right now has
something to do with my adolescence. I find my demeanor
often changing as quickly as the weather. not only is the
world spinning, but so is my daily perspective. I see
things in like a different light daily, which I hear is
normal for an adolescent, even though I am really sick of
blaming 'teenagership' on most of my problems.
I need someone to talk to right now. I'm kind of
worried. Hit me up, you should know my cell if you're in
here. If you don't, I'm kind of insulted that you're all in
the BIZ when we aren't even cool like that!