2004-09-06 09:29:19 (UTC)


work is going ok

out of money until thursday though

got a new girl-friend and apparently another interested,
lol, but I'm not sure what to think of all this yet

just got an email that alex wrote in her diary but the
last entry was december 2003???

got to see the Carson Downy Blues Band, and they want me
to play with them next time they are in town

got in contact with an ex-drummer for the Temptations
recently... that was kinda cool

evolve was fucking awesome

gonna start putting away 3/4 of my paychecks toward a new
vehicle until I can afford a decent van and a computer of
my own

got a new Saturday morning/afternoon solo gig at a farmers
market in Egerton

things are going good overall, just really tired and can't
sleep tonight so I thought I'd write.